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PreFab-ulous Modular Homes: More than just a fresh coat of paint on an old trend!

The industry of home design is seeing all the signs of a hot new trend emerging, that is to say, re-emerging. And this time, it looks like it is here to stay. Introducing, for the second time around: Modular Homes.

Traditionally, the term modular homes has been associated with the generic, boxy homes of mobile parks. But the new modular home is nothing like the 1970's model. This home, like its predecessor, is build in a factory and assembled on location and there are many benefits to this reinvented method of home development.

Also commonly called Prefab, these homes are the newest generation of sleek, refined and stylish modulars which are becoming a desirable alternative to the "stick-built" homes. Touted as being more sustainable, energy-efficient, and affordable, the latest models of modulars are just as comfortable, and stylish as an on-site home, but with a modern edge.

With the emergence of the Green Revolution, architects and designers are getting creative when it come to designing homes that are eco-friendly. The major international Dwell on Design conference in LA this year hosted showcases dedicated to the benefits and eco-advantages of modular homes. More recently the Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry had one of its most innovative exhibits- the environmentally friendly home, which was also a modular.

In an attempt to create affordable, elegant homes that appeal to the new generation of home buyers' sense of environmental responsibility while still maintaining a designer look and feel, architects and engineers are designing innovative new homes for those looking for something a little different! Modulars are available in many stylish models, and can be customized to meet the home buyers' needs.

In her book Prefab Modern, Jill Herbers wrote "Prefab was long associated with bad design. It got into the hands of the government and other institutions as a way to put up shelter quickly and cheaply, and as a result, design was downgraded. Now we're seeing the polar opposite."

Modular homes are taking on a designer appeal with custom colour-scheme packages, gas fire places, jetted bathtubs and many customized features. These homes are not only stylish and luxurious but also better for the environment. The Prefab home is making a come back, but this time, it is sleek, beautiful, and highly in demand. For more information about modular homes visit HomeFront Modular Homes

home design essentials post
home design essentials post


#1: CLEAR THE CLUTTER! Purge before your reno. Stow stuff you must keep, but keep it out of sight. That way you can imagine your new look. The first step is always to envision what you want.

#2: GO WITH THE FLOW! Set sightlines in your home. Stand in different prime locations such as the front entrance or the middle of the kitchen, and plan to eliminate "things" that block the flow of energy in your home. Things could mean furniture or even a wall!

#3: TAKE IT ONE AREA AT A TIME. Once the project has started, your home will find itself in disarray; to avoid being overwhelmed just take it one step at a time, one room at a time, one project at a time.

#4: PRACTICE DIPLOMACY WITH TRADESPEOPLE. Be diplomatic! It will pay off when you need the tradespeople to revisit for deficiencies or particular touch-ups. It could even bring your bill down.

#5: REPEAT ELEMENTS. Rather than being suddenly jolted by a totally different look in each room, repeat a theme, harmonize your paint colors, keep all the knobs silver, etc., for a cohesive, pulled-together look.

#6: BUT MIX IT UP! "Matching pieces" are a bit passe. Blend disparate objects to create an alluring setting. This is where your personal style gets to shine. Avoid a catalogue-perfect look.

#7: BLING THE UNEXPECTED! Try a chandelier in the kitchen, an antique in the bathroom, a painting in the garden. Make your home uniquely, beautifully yours.

home design essentials post
home design essentials post

Green Wall

Spring equinox is upon us! On the West Coast the sun is calling us outdoors after hiding behind rain clouds for several months. As you venture forth, there are some great ideas to take with you.

One of the most recent elements of exterior home design is the GREEN WALL. It is considered a vital element by many building developers. In some countries, such as Germany and Japan, builders receive subsidies and tax breaks for installing this sturdy wall panel loaded with plant life.

Traditionally, we're accustomed to ivy or vine-covered walls. Today, multi-colored plants yield a green canvas for our urban communities. Licorice ferns, begonias, huckleberries, even lettuce, create a colorful collage.

Besides adding natural beauty to our concrete surroundings, a Green Wall cleans internal air of dust and smog. It enhances storm water run-off. It increases sound insulation while reducing energy costs.

Pre-packaged green-wall kits, including plants and empty wall racks, are available to fill with your personal palette of grass, ferns, herbs, and berries.

Caution is required regarding the wall you choose. Make sure it's a wall that can withstand water soakings when you tend to your thirsty plants. Is the wall able to ward off plant roots trying to penetrate?

If you're a patio gardener or a condo-dweller you too can participate in the urban greening movement by designing a plant sculpture. The skeletons are available to you, all ready for setting the plants into. For example, you might envision a bear or a deer in your garden; green of course!

Sustainable housing is a fine art. Go Green!

home design essentials post


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